Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Great Gatsby Party

Drooling over DiCaprio? The 1920's are making a comeback, and I see many themed parties and weddings coming our way. You know what I say to that? THANK GOD! While I love the burlap and the rustic themed weddings (they are so shabby chic), they lack variety and I do so love to see some differences. I am having a party in December and have decided that The Great Gatsby will be my theme!

One possible Gatsby themed venue in Austin that just screams 1920's is

A pre-prohibition cocktail bar, this space may not work for a wedding but will do perfectly for a rehearsal dinner, engagement party or a bridal shower etc.This is NOT your place if you want a shot or a sex on the beach drink! They only serve cocktails. I know, because I (to my endless shame and embarrassment) asked for a shot the first time I entered the bar. The very kind and dapper looking gentleman behind the bar smiled and politely told me they only serve cocktails and fine wines. He then made me the best citrus cocktail I have ever had. This may be due to the fact that they use Absinthe, a type of alcohol that was illegal ever since the prohibition and only made legal in 2007. 

Absinthe fountain

The way to make this place look Gastby? Easy! Feathers, not flowers were the decor of the time. Play a little music, have some swing dancing and the right outfit. Gramaphones were played with the jazz sound filling the ears of everyone as they danced the Charleston and the Lindy Hop. It would be genius if you had a professional dancer teach guests a few moves! Play a silent movie in the background, or during cocktail hour have the new Great Gatsby movie playing. It is all customizable to you and your guests needs and desires.

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Flapper style! Women of the 1920's wore clothing that resembled the undergarments of the time with long pearl necklaces and finger wave curls in their hair. This entire time was about excess, money, parties and an era of newly found sexuality. Everything is very art-deco, making the look easy to replicate, as 2013 styles are color blocked and looser fitting.

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Get your costume or get-up near by at Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds, an amazing store with high quality costumes. 

Other fun things to do is to use the terms of the 20's vernacular, such as  "your'e the bees knees" and "Well Golly that dame is a bearcat." Hand each guest a word on a piece of paper that they have to use all night instead of their normal language.

Have a dolled up Party!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Texas Old Town - Courtney Moore Photography

Venue Alert!  Texas Old Town in Kyle Is a gorgeous wedding venue with multiple facilities to take you through your day. The venue is perfect for a shabby chic rustic look! They have four different areas, Redbud Hall, Sage Hall, Stone Hall and Tejas Hall. Besides weddings, you can also rent the facility for corporate events or birthday parties. Right now there is a church plant starting (Eikon Church)in San Marcos and they are using Texas Old Town for their facility. How would you like to have church in the middle of a lush garden?! My own cousin Becca Addington (now she's Becca Mclain, yay!) was married at Texas Old Town in the Redbud Hall. Photographed by Courtney Moore Photography, their tale is told through photographs from the boots the pies.

I absolutely love having pie for dessert instead of a traditional cake. What about you?


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